8 Important google analytics reports

  1. Audience Overview: This report provides an overall snapshot of user activity on your website, including metrics like sessions, users, bounce rate, and pages/session.
  2. Acquisition Overview: This report shows where your website traffic is coming from and helps you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  3. Behavior Flow: This report helps you visualize the paths users take through your website, and identify which pages are proving most successful in guiding users further down the funnel.
  4. Landing Pages: This report helps you understand which pages are the entry points for users coming to your website.
  5. Site Content: This report allows you to see which pages on your website are the most popular and which need optimization.
  6. Site Speed: This report helps you understand how quickly your pages are loading, and what areas need improvement.
  7. Goal Conversions: This report shows you how successful your website is at helping users complete goals you’ve set, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.
  8. Events: This report shows you which user interactions are occurring on your website, such as clicking on a link or watching a video.