Why do inbound leads have great ROI?

Answer: The buyer is at the Desire or Action stage of the AIDA model.

AIDA Model - From Attention, Interest and Desire to ActionInbound Marketing is a customer-centric approach that focuses on satisfying the needs of the customer or end-user.

This creates Qualified, Highly Motivated, and Loyal customers.

Because the customer is mostly through the AIDA model due to their own need fulfillment & research they are many times at the decision phase of the sales funnel. This makes them highly motivated buyers with great ROI and LTV (Life Time Value).

In order to be motivated to actually make a purchase, customers must progress from being aware of a product’s existence to being interested enough to pay attention to the product’s benefits and advantages, to having a desire to benefit from the product. The fourth stage, Action, would come as a natural result of movement through the first three stages.

~ 1898 by St Elmo Lewis

SEO is a balance of disciplines.

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    SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) can be divided into two very different categories: there is organic and there us paid. Both of these search engine marketing efforts are as important as they are different.

    1. Pay-Per-Click: PPC stands for pay-per-click, a version of web marketing in which marketers pay a fee each time among their ads is clicked. Basically, it’s a way of getting sees to your website, as opposed to attempting to “make” those brows through organically. Online search engine marketing is among the most popular kinds of PPC.
    2. Organic: Organic SEO (organic Search Engine Optimization) describes the methodology used to acquire a high positioning (or ranking) on an internet search engine results in places like Google, Bing or Yahoo and other indexes. Each search algorithm-driven outcomes on a given search engine are widely different but all have some core factors that need to be fulfilled for proper placement in search engines..

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