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As of writing this, I’m presently a part of a startup that’s grown to over 250k distinct pageviews a month, and over 300k signups to this day.

And while I’m happy to state that we’re on a great track, the path to that marketing success wasn’t glamorous. It was paved with numerous failed A/B tests, too many unopened emails to count, and loads of traffic that would not convert.

But because of that, we optimized, again and again (and still are) – continually attempting new things until we could lastly get it right.

And now (while still in a growth phase), we’ve compiled what we’ve learned for you today. 100 growth hacks free of charge for you to reclaim to your team and utilize our findings.

Development Hacking Tip # 1: Hide retargeting cookies for 45 seconds

Stop retargeting individuals who bounced instantly from your website. Use a little bit of javascript to conceal retargeting cookies for 45 seconds to guarantee you’re just retargeting users who are interested in your content.

Development Hacking Tip # 2: Send out old posts as newsletters on the weekend

Capitalize on your mailing list by sending out relevant (but older) content on the weekends. This is a great method to drive more traffic to your blog site with minimal effort.

Growth Hacking Tip # 3:

Provide a secondary CTA on your Thank You Page

Strike while the iron is hot and prompt your freshly converted leads with a secondary CTA on the Thank You Page of your lead generation campaigns.

Here’s an example of a secondary CTA that we provide new leads on one of our ebook post entry pages.

Growth Hacking Tip # 4: Use pre-filled form fields

Usage information you currently understand about your users to pre-fill lead generation types in order to make it much easier for them to convert.

See detailed directions on the best ways to establish pre-filled kind fields.

Growth Hacking Tip # 5: Use content upgrades

Content upgrades are one of the easiest and most reliable lead generation methods on the market today. A content upgrade is essentially an extension of among your material pieces, other than readily available for download in exchange for contact info.

Types of content upgrades consist of: benefit strategies for a blog post, video recordings, lists, and resource/ tool guides.

For more information on material upgrades, see 7 Content Upgrade Ideas and Examples that Helped Build 100k Subscriber Lists.

Growth Hacking Tip # 6: Set a time period for your AdWords call extension

If you’re utilizing the contact number call extension on Google AdWords, there’s nothing even worse than losing money on clicks when nobody’s around to address. Use call extension scheduling to set a predefined schedule for when your call extension will appear.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the best ways to set up this development hack, check out 5 Growth Hacks to Maximize the ROI from your AdWords Campaigns.

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